Everyman's theology

What is your cross and why Jesus spoke about it?

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How much money did Jesus have? Study about finances based on Jesus example.

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Explanation of the difference between responsibility as a human being and responsibility as a Christian.

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What you think about God before you pray will determine what will happen when you pray. Jesus explains what to think and how to pray.

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Bible's teaching about forgiveness and its power.
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How does God love and seek lost people.

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Explaining the connection between the parables about the Kingdom of God and the Church.

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The chronological timeline of life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

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Today we go deeper into parables and allegories, and explaining the story of the good Samaritan.

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How to understand Jesus' teaching in parables?

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The art of Jesus Christ's teaching and living.

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Why Jesus was so Kingdom oriented?

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Why did the disciples misunderstand the concept of the Kingdom of God?

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The role of Jesus Christ as the High Priest and what it means for humanity.

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Why we are compared to ship and Jesus to the Shepherd?

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God as servent?!

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What does it mean that Jesus Christ is the Branch?

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We are discussing why the title "Son of David" refers to Messiah.

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In this episode we are talking about Jesus Lordship.

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Today we are talking why and how Jesus did works of ministry as a human?

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Today's episode is about Emmanuel - Jesus Christ, a man with desires.

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Now we are talking about incarnation - the real human life of Jesus Christ.

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We are looking closer into the birth of Jesus Christ.

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We look closer into a person of the Angel of the Lord and who he is.

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We continue to look on the testimony about Jesus Christ being the Son of God.

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Today we will speak about Jesus as The Son of God.

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We go now into the next major part within theology; Christology.

We will speak about the person of Jesus and his ministry from many different angles.

We are starting with describing how we can understand the term

Jesus - the Son.

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Today we speak about another dimension of God's Love.


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We continue to speak about God’s love and how he showed us love in and through Jesus Christ.

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We continue to speak about God’s love and how he showed us love in and through Jesus Christ.

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In this episode we will continue to speak about God's great love.


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In this episode we will speak about God's great love.

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In this episode we will begin discussing God's faithfulness.

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In this episode we look into how Jesus showed merciful nature of God.

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Today we look into connection between mercy and faithfulness.

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This episode intoduces the mercy of God.

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Today we will look into the grace of God operating with the purpose of serving others.

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We look into how you can open yourself and recive God's grace. 

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This episode explains even deeper the grace of God.

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This episode explains what the grace of God is and why He gives it.

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In this episode we will discuss what it means to be holy and how it functioned in the temple and the life of Jesus.

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In this episode we will discuss the fear of God, what it is and how it should make us to act.

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In this episode we will discuss God's holiness and pureness
as well as how the devil fights God.

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In this episode we will discuss God's existence and holiness
as well why God is acting as He is.

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Today's episode explains how God will judge Christians.
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In this episode we will discuss different kinds of judgements

as well as how and why judgement takes place.


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